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Below is a summary of the recycling programs in the district. For specific information about services offered in your area, click on your county’s link to the left.

recycling centersCurbside Recycling and Recycling Drop-Off Centers

Each of the five counties within our district has a recycling center. Check with your county center to find out what products they will recycle.

computerElectronic Waste

The District’s electronic waste stream continues to grow as computers, televisions, printers, cell phones, and other electronic devices are replaced by a new generation of technology. Electronics contain lead, cadmium, and other toxins, that should not be disposed in landfill.

Each county collects E waste: Please check your county link for more information.


spray bottleHousehold Hazardous Waste

Household Hazardous Waste includes paint, insecticides, cleaning chemicals, and a variety of other chemicals used around the house. Four counties participate in collecting household hazardous waste. Please reference your county tab to see what services and items your center receives.

Waste Tires

For more information about the Arkansas tire program, visit:

illegal dumping icon
Illegal Dumping

The District coordinates with local law enforcement to investigate, prosecute and conduct cleanup activities for illegal dumping in the five-county area. To report illegal dumping, contact (870)-716-5547.

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